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Guitar Pickin’ Chicken by William Sherry Jr. is a standout. This hilarious little tune is reminiscent of the iconic Flying Purple People Eater track, but replace the Halloween sounds with a country guitar and the starring monster with a “wing flapping, tail shaking, guitar pickin’ chicken“. Quirky, twangy, and unabashedly fun, this track will have everyone laughing and singing along by the second chorus.
The Ark of Music - June 5, 2021

Half Million plays of Guitar Pickin’ Chicken

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The “Guitar Pickin’ Chicken” was originally created and included in an Art Box Kids package delivered to the children at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. The Art Box Kids is a non-profit started by Cleveland Browns Center Steve Everett. With no promotion, we discovered that the song received a Half Million Radio Station site plays. Prior to, and following, the music video teachers of autistic children, as well as other teachers, used the song in their classroom. From the very first play children do the “Guitar Pickin’ Chicken Dance”; that is a dance they make up.

Preview the Trailer for the Guitar Pickin’ Chickencreated by Derrian Childress.

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Springer Mountain Farms used the “Guitar Pickin’ Chicken” song in one of their Fall promotions. You can view the video by clicking the Springer Mountain Farms logo displayed below.

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